Water Resistant Faux Freckles That Actually Stay

The key to water-resistant, natural freckles: Our advice for longer-lasting faux freckles

The painted glow you get once those beaming summer rays hit the skin is a sought after look year-round. Southern California turned me, along with every other So-Cal native, into a die-hard sun worshiper. There’s nothing like that golden glow after a day in the salty air, right? But years of sunbathing made me consider the toll the sun takes on the health of my skin. To some, the gorgeous freckles that deepen after a day in the sun are worth the sun damage, but why settle? The idea of rolling out of bed with the benefits of a sun-kissed face without the harsh effects of the UV rays and skin cancer risks was only a dream before Pseudo Labs’ PHreckles. After trying out faux freckles, it’s hard not to think why I was ever exposing my skin to such harsh conditions to begin with. 

It’s a lot easier to paint on natural warmth that melts into such authentic-looking freckles when they last, especially when you’re at the beach or pool. That’s why Pseudo Labs turned to science! We sought out top chemists to help formulate faux freckles that are specifically designed to look as natural as the real deal, blending in with the ones you might already have on your face. It’s important to consider that although Pseudo Labs PHreckles are water-resistant for up to 80 minutes, the oils in your skin play a role in how long they last. 

Let’s break it down. So, your skin is made up of multiple layers, and moisture is both released and absorbed into your skin that way. With that in mind, while PHreckles are water-resistant they are not sweat proof. Skin is naturally pushing water and oils when you sweat, which could potentially cause  PHreckles to have a shorter wear, which is why we recommend reapplying our faux freckles just like you would any other makeup or sunscreen should they come off from sweat. Alternatively, when water is splashed on your face, your freckles will last without the stress of them rinsing off. 




So how do we get the most wear out of these faux freckles? The answer is as simple as ditching the makeup and embracing bare skin (SPF should still be applied). It makes summer wear incredibly easy, so don’t be scared of jumping into the water! If you're prone to oily skin we would also recommend using a setting powder before applying to help prevent sweating and your skin from releasing excess moisture, allowing for longer wear when you’re on the go. I always like to mist a setting spray with SPF over my faux frecks when I’m running out of the house. It’s refreshing to have a product that helps enhance my natural freckles and beauty marks while creating a sunkissed look without the sun damage that lasts! 


Why not exercise your curiosity and take our quiz to help us help you find the perfect shade this summer! 

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