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Embrace Your Natural Beauty with PHreckles

PHreckles offers an effortless flick and tap faux freckle application to enhance your natural beauty. PHreckles is vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten free, cruelty free, and water resistant. The last step in your five minute morning routine.


Gentle & Cruelty Free

PHreckles is a hypoallergenic, gluten free, vegan and cruelty free cosmetic

Natural Complexion

PHreckles melts into the skin and blends with the natural complexion effortlessly, accentuating your beauty

Water Resistant & Washable

PHreckles is water resistant and easily washes away with your daily cleanser



Using your thumb, pop the pick out of the top of the bottle by pressing it. The store your pick, place it back in the bottle and press it firmly back into place


Shake PHreckles bottle well. Hold the wand bristles up, allowing formula to run into the cap. Hold bristles parallel to the desired place of application, about an inch away. Run the middle of the pick softly through the bristles facing your skin.


Working on one application sight at a time, dab the formula with a finger for lighter and less prominent PHreckles. Using the formula from the already dabbed freckles, apply to free spots around the face. This will give off different shades of PHreckles, allowing them to look more realistic.

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3 products