To Tap or Not to Tap

To Tap, Or Not To Tap: How to get natural-looking faux freckles with different application techniques 

The PHreckles technique can be daunting, but there’s no doubt it's achievable by anyone. There is no wrong way. Believe it or not, it’s less pressure than learning how to apply winged eyeliner. Luckily for you, we’ve made it simple to learn this foolproof application and all you have to do is: SHAKE, FLICK, and TAP or NOT TAP!

Here’s the breakdown. The Pseudo Labs' PHreckles formula is a liquid consistency that naturally separates, so it is important to SHAKE the bottle before each use. Once you hold bristles parallel to your face and the formula runs down the wand, things can go two ways. You could start by bringing the bristles closer to where you’d like for more concentrated freckles and more control. Or, hold the bristles about an inch or two from your face for freckles that are distributed in a wider range. Time to FLICK the freckles onto your skin by running the pick slowly down the bristles of the brush. This creates a splatter effect by organically placing each faux freckle on your face. The key is taking your time, don’t rush it! If you brush the bristles slowly, the more precise your freckles will splatter. 

Once you’ve figured out how concentrated you want your freckles to be, you’re left with the decision: to tap, or not to tap? This is the burning question. While it’s not a  life-changing decision, it will 100% determine how bold your look will be. You can even tap some and not tap others and add extra dimension. 


  • When to tap: If you’re wanting really blended spots, I would suggest lightly tapping into them with your finger. Doing this technique blends the formula into your skin’s natural oils creating a lighter, more subtle look that is perfect for in photos. The con for this method is that less product is used, but that’s what makes it great to add to bolder makeup looks by balancing all of the elements. However, tapping your faux freckles out would be great for heavier makeup looks because of how prominent the freckles will be portrayed. We recommend trying this out in shades 01 and 02!

  • When to not tap: If a natural, deeper pigmented look is on your agenda, leave the freckles as they are and don’t tap them or blend them out. This adds darker spots that look closer to your natural freckles, layered onto your skin. A con to this method is that you might need to reapply, as the formula may fade more quickly. This technique is great for natural looks because it is easily buildable! Try this using shades 02 and 03 for the best results!

Here’s how you can really add extra dimension to your faux freckle look. Try starting off with a lighter shade like shade 01 and tapping it into the skin as a base. Once blended, a flick of a darker shade like shade 02, can be brushed on without being tapped. Dabbing the pick into shade 03 and adding a few darker spots really emphasizes the look, mimicking beauty marks you might already have. Adding more defined freckles or look-alike beauty marks by lightly brushing the bristles and lightly tapping the tip into the skin really adds extra depth! This builds a layered effect that allows for both blended and darker pigmented faux freckles. The little trick of  “picking up” freckles by lightly tapping a deeper pigmented spot and placing the pigment into another area helps to distribute the freckles without having to do any extra flicking. 

Whichever way you shake, flick and tap (or not tap), you’re guaranteed to have the most natural and long-lasting faux freckles. What are your favorite ways to layer, tap, or not tap? Sound off in the comments!



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