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Summer Makeup Trends Using Faux Freckles

It's more than a vibe: A few of our favorite makeup looks incorporating Pseudo Labs PHreckles!

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the art of makeup? Yes, it is the most beautiful art form with insane precision and care. Sometimes, we get into this rut and crave some inspiration to spike that creative flow. Just because we are all social distancing ourselves, doesn’t mean we can’t explore other art forms and look incredible doing so. If you’re looking for a sign from the universe to try something you haven’t or dive into a look you’ve been wanting to experiment with and never had the guts to, now is the time. We’ve curated a list of our favorite looks inspired by summer trends this season that incorporate Pseudo Labs PHreckles! After doing some research and Instagram scrolling, I’ve come across some new trends that are hard to not be obsessed with! I came across 3 main trends: neon eyeshadow, neutral-toned no-makeup makeup, and looks that are drawn from inspo from nature. Let’s dissect this, and maybe take some notes from a few of our favorite talented creatives… 


Neon Eyeshadow

It’s safe to say that the neon eyeshadow obsession is real and I’m in full support of it. There’s been a lot of different variations, but neon cut creases and colored eyeliner take the cake. Bright pinks, deep reds, and cool blues truly brighten your features and showcase glowing skin. Colored eyeliner is the first item on my agenda to incorporate this summer. It's easy to brighten any look by adding a little color. 

Sal (@urgalsal_), is the cut crease queen, always exploring with vibrant colors that really enhance every feature using shade 02 of PHreckles.


Makeup artist Francie (@francielux), created a beautiful magenta cut crease liner on the lovely @c.h.l.o.e.y.u, showing off PHreckles in shade 03.


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Chloe (@sylvurdust) reinvents the idea of colored liner using bright colors to playfully highlight her eyes while combining shade 03 of PHreckles to complete the look.


Rachel (@rachel.hersey) rocks a stunning cobalt blue liner with her PHreckles in shade 02 for a subtle daytime look.


Kait (@beautibean) uses PHreckles in shade 01 to add little extra detail to the pastel blue, framing the eye for those of you in need of incorporating a bolder color.


Neutral-Toned No-Makeup Makeup

If a more minimalistic route is more your speed, try experimenting with rosy cheeks and faux freckles. Incorporating neutral eyes and lip colors, the pop of color and skin brightening freckles will make your skin seem as sun-kissed as it gets. Who wouldn’t want to look like they just got back from a sparking Hawaiian beach vacay? These looks are perfect for a date night or brunch. It’s the minimalist makeup combo of your dreams! 

Sophia (@sophiabaltz) was meant for this look with her pop of rosy cheeks and fresh faux freckles in shade 02.


The peachy toned cheek that Bre’jon (@brejonalyse) showcased while adding spots of PHreckles in shade 02, brightens every ounce of natural beauty in this no-makeup makeup look.


I’m such a sucker for brushed up brows! Lyric (@phenixsoul) does this brow powered look that incorporates neutral eyeshadows to balance all of the elements and layers of PHreckles in shade 03.


The combo of dewy skin and few flicks of shade 02, enhances Denise’s (@deniseculbreth) effortless beauty. Who’s ready for brushed up brows, rosy cheeks, and PHreckles this summer? 


Nature Inspired Looks

It’s all about the details, and I’m here for it. The butterflies, flames, and inspiration from nature incorporated into these looks are absolutely out of this world. For those of you looking to push the creative envelope, these looks are perfect!

I can’t help but want to the butterfly-winged eyeliner Shelby (@contrashelby),  paints with some added PHreckles in shade 02 immediately! 


We love this pairing of a bright and cool eyeshadow like Mei (@meicrosoft), does with an array of butterflies. Adding a dash of PHreckles in shade 01 and you've got a look that's ethereal and light.


Kyle (@kylemuffmakeup), incorporates a neon flame eyeshadow moment applying a layer in shade 02 to finish it off. 


Explore your creative side through these pretty amazing summer makeup trends. We hope these talented artists and creatives helped give you that inspirational pick-me-up to get you started. Come say hi on Instagram @pseudolabs and tell us which look you’re most excited to try? Let us know in the comments!

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