Seen in Pseudo Vol.12


Seen in Pseudo is a weekly showcase of our customers and influencers wearing our PHreckles in shades 01, 02, or 03. Use #seeinpseudo to be featured next! Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Michelle @eichbeuai looks dreamy and serene in shade 01 for this natural moment!


Ehlie @ehlieluna is a beauty in this freckled glam she paired with a bold lip and smokey eyes, wearing shade 03.


Bree @bree.smith uses shade 01 to enhance her natural, bare-faced beauty. We love to see it!


Katie @katielynnestyle rocks this minimalist makeup look paired with a soft winged eyeliner and finished off the look with a dusting of shade 02.


Meg Rianne @makeupbymegrianne created an incredible date night or night out look using shade 01 to polish it off.  



Shade 02 looks like it was made for Emily @emilingford in this natural bronze moment. 


Laura @lauraisnabi is an angelic queen in this glitter eye look, wearing shade 01.


Kelly @kellbakes is a natural beauty in nothing but shade 01.


Alyssa @alyssaattride is killing it in shade 03 with this orange and rose bold eye look. 


Jasmine @j.xsmvne truly is glowing in this shade 03 and wispy brow combo. We are living for this!


 We could only dream of looking as effortless and beaming as the lovely Mirian @mintymomentss in shade 01.


Valerie @mammafolk is an actual golden goddess with a little help from shade 02.


 Cydney @cydkort is absolutely STUNNING in PHreckles in shade 02.


Arisa @arisathegroomer is adding a pop of color to those gorgeous eyes of hers with a little dusting of shade 02 to top it off. 


Ana Maria really gave us all the glowy vibes we needed with this makeup look featuring a dash of shade 02. We are absolutely obsessed! 


Danielle @sarahxxdanielle has the golden glow of our dreams with this dewy freckled moment, wearing PHreckles in shade 02.




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