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PHrecking on Camera: Meet Lavina & Marco

If you’ve ever dabbled in the world of Instagram and Snapchat, then you know all about how popular the faux freckle filter is. It is time to lay that filter to rest with the help of Pseudo Labs PHrecklesHere’s the catch, PHreckles give you all of the faux freckles IRL, no filter necessary! You’ve done enough daydreaming over them and it’s time to dive into the easy, natural wear. The secret to natural-looking freckles is the 3 step application: shake the PHreckles bottle, flick the bristles of the brush with the included pick, and tap the faux freckles right into your skin. It’s easy to darken and enhance the freckles you already have, or layer a few extra spots with our range of shades. We took to our PHreckles users and asked them how they feel confident in the skin they’re in, and how they wear their faux freckles in shades 0102, or 03

In this week’s “PHrecking on Camera” we talked to Lavina and Marco to learn a few of their tips and tricks for applying PHreckles.

Meet Lavina & Marco in shade 03!




How would you describe each other? 

Lavina: Marco is the most inspiring soul you will ever meet. I still don't understand how someone can be this smart, talented, and handsome all at the same time.  

Marco: More complicated than face value; aka Lavina is more than what your first impression may be. 

When do you feel the most confident?

Lavina: When my hair corporates with has its own moods it seems like haha.

Marco: After a few shots lol. 

How would you describe each other’s personal style/everyday makeup?

Lavina: His style is very chill, minimal, and comfortable. Somehow he makes all of that look very stylish! Also, I feel like his style is in a way an extension of his personality.

Marco: Edgy style and natural make up. 

How does wearing PHreckles make you feel?

Lavina: Like I have an IG filter on my face 24/7 (a very natural filter tho). It also just adds such a different feel to my looks, which is super refreshing.

Marco: Exotic.

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