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The Secret to Minimalist Makeup

The best ways to prep your skin for PHreckles: Skincare basics and why taking care of your skin is the key to minimalist makeup!

What’s the secret to minimalist makeup? It all stems from your skincare routine. This one is for all the natural makeup wearers and the ones who just want a less than 10-minute makeup routine in the mornings. Quarantine has given us the time to focus on our skincare, while we are all at home dressed with nowhere to go. That’s why Pseudo Labs PHreckles is the perfect addition for any minimalist makeup fanatic’s toolbox. Faux freckles breathe a little warmth into your routine, all while looking as natural as possible. We’re talking no-fuss, high impact makeup that’s buildable to your exact preference. To get the most out of your minimalist makeup routine, making your skincare a priority really makes all the difference. If you’re new to it, don’t stress we’ve got you covered! Here’s the breakdown of the best skincare basics you didn’t know you needed to help prep your skin for Pseudo Labs PHreckles.


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You’ve got to exfoliate!

One of the most game-changing things you can do for your skin is exfoliate. Make sure your skin is cleansed and clean first, you don’t want to dive into the rest of your routine with a dirty face. You want a clean canvas, right? Exfoliating is super important for any skincare routine. By exfoliating, you’re removing all of the dead skin cells that clog your pores and buildup over time onto the outer layer of your skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are two types of exfoliation: mechanical or chemical. Mechanical refers to physically exfoliating, like using a scrub or a sponge to remove the dead skin. On the other hand, chemical exfoliation gently dissolves the dead skin. For this method, you could use an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) for this method, and it’s less invasive. There are pros and cons to each method, which is why the right one for you depends on your skin type. I recommend talking to your dermatologist to help find which method is best for your skin type. If you use any medications, retinol, or retinoids your skin could be more sensitive. That’s why you want to be careful about not doing any damage to your skin. The last thing you want to do is mix products that could cause irritation or worse. One thing to consider is how often you should exfoliate. Once or twice a week should do it, but overdoing it will dry out your skin and is something you want to avoid.

Keep your skin as hydrated as possible

The goal is to get your skin as happy and healthy as possible with virtually no damage, right? Here’s why exfoliating and moisturizing is an important combo for your skincare routine. Together, they are the keys to prepping your skin. Think of it as getting you the cleanest canvas possible because you are left with the newest layer of skin. Bare with me on this one. When you get rid of all of those dead skin cells clogging up your pores, you’re making way for new skin which allows for deeper absorption. Making sure you exfoliate, whether it be mechanical or chemical, helps your skin absorb your products deeper, making them more effective and your skin dewy! The goal is to help your skin retain water, leaving it moisturized and looking hydrated as long as possible. According to Harvard Medical Publishing, to retain that dewy look our outermost layer of skin needs to be able to hold at least 10% of water. Incorporating a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid as a key ingredient will help your skin retain the moisture it needs throughout the day and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You can’t go wrong with moisturizer, but be sure to check for ingredients that might be drying like alcohol, for example. We don’t want dry flaky skin when we are going for a dewy look, right? Hydrated skin equals dewy skin. Don’t leave the house without it!


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How do you prime?

There are so many things that can help get you that dewy glow, you need for a natural minimalist look. Exfoliating and moisturizing, paired with a good primer will help brighten your skin, leaving your skin looking fresh and rested. All of these factors play a role in how you prep your skin for minimalist makeup. Going a step further and reaching for a tinted moisturizer gives your skin a little warmth before applying the rest of your makeup. This helps to prep your skin for the day and will help with giving you the most wear out of your PHreckles, but don’t forget your SPF! I find it easiest to use a moisturizer with SPF already in it, so you can rest easy knowing your skin is protected. Using a setting powder underneath PHreckles helps to get you the most wear. Brushed up brows, neutral and rosy-toned blush, bronzed skin, and faux freckles combine with a good skincare routine for the holy grail of minimalist makeup looks. You’re about to leave the house looking like a dream after these quick skincare tips and a dusting of PHreckles. Finishing off with a setting spray ties it all together, giving you incredibly long wear. 


What are some of your favorite tips and tricks to get your skin prepped for minimalist makeup? Sound off in the comments!

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