Recreating Celebrity Freckles using PHreckles From Pseudo Labs

We live in a digital age where inspiration lives right under our thumbs, allowing us to easily and (literally) tap into inspo left and right. The posts that live in my saved folder via Instagram have an endless number of style mavens, beauty gurus and celebrity looks that I one day hope to find the time to recreate. My most prized saved folder is perhaps celeb freckles. A neat little file tucked away with beautiful faces topped off with perfectly placed little spots. 

I took my dilemma to the team and said enough is enough. Today is the day we set aside time to live out the dreaminess that is our saved posts and pins. A few of us chose some of our favorite celeb freckles to recreate using PHreckles shades 01, 02, and 03

  • Alia Shawkat @__mutantalia__
  • How can you ignore such a stunning painted face? Alia Shawkat has frecks that can be perfectly recreated using a combo of shades 02 and 03! I would use shade 02 all over and shade 03 for those darker beauty marks to add a little extra dimension across your t-zone.  


  • Gabrielle Union @gabunion
  • Gab has been the skin queen during this quarantine, only using bronzer and her natural freckles fro her Insta look. Achieving this subtle freckled look only takes shade 02 or 03 dusted or tapped into the cheekbones and little under the eyes. Make sure you’ve got your SPF on and BOOM.


  • Olivia Munn @oliviamunn
  • Olivia Munn has more subtle freckles concentrated around her cheekbones, bridge of her nose, and highlighting directly above her eyebrows. These lighter freckles can be recreated using a combination of PHreckles shades 01 and 02. The trick to recreating these is to pat each freckle out for a more seamless blend. 


  • Zoë Kravitz @zoeisabellakravitz
  • Zoë is probably on every inspo board known to man, or at least should be. Using shade 02 dabbed onto the bridge of the nose and flicked on to the apples of the cheeks, you’ll be able to nail this freckle inspo, easy. You can even go in with a dot or two of shade 03 to get that beauty mark between her chin and smile!


  • Rashida Jones @rashidajones
  • To get this golden hour goddess look as close as possible to the lovely Rashida Jones’ natural freckles, go in by flicking shade 01 close together across the nose, and a little more separated around the cheek area. Dab out each freckle for a natural blend!


  • Lucy Liu @lucyliu
  • I adore Lucy! Her natural freckles are ones I could dream of… or dare I say attempt to recreate? I’d say her frecks can be mimicked using a combination of shades 01 and 02. Try thinly layering them for the added dimension. 


  • Alicia Keys @aliciakeys
  • I admire Alicia’s no makeup looks that really accentuate her natural freckles and AMAZING skin. To get her freckles, dot shade 03 around the eyes, nose, and chin. You could even dust shade 02 on the bridge of the nose to get her Freckles.


  • Nia Long @iamnialong
  • Nia has very subtle freckles painted across the cheekbones and nose. Shade 02 lightly flicked across those areas should do the trick for her stunning spots. 


  • Aleece Wilson @oddfreckles
  • I love that Aleece embraces her freckles, even incorporating them into her Instagram username. To recreate her eye-catching freckles, try using PHreckles shade 01 & 02 all over and dab each spot into the skin. You could even use the pick to dot some extra spots and tap it with your finger, adding extra larger and spread out PHreckles as well. 


  • Meghan Markle 
  • I feel like everyone can recognize this dazzling canvas. Concentrate shade 02 around the nose and forehead areas if you are looking to recreate Meghan’s natural specks. Add a few dots of pigments for her more concentrated color.


  • Jesse Williams @ijessewilliams
  • You can’t forget about Jesse! His freckles will melt your heart. Using shade 02 and dabbing across the cheeks and nose will help you get this look, flawlessly. 


  • Maya Rudolph @princesstagramslam
  • Maya’s enticing spots are my favorite! Add a few dabs of shade 03 to get the more concentrated pigment and scatter the freckles across the face. Even layering shade 02 on the bridge of the nose and subtlety under the eyes will make this an incredible recreation.  


  • Kesha @iiswhoiis
  • Finally, we can’t forget about Kesha, she’s a shade 01 for sure. A light dusting of PHreckles concentrated on the T-Zone, blending as you go, will help to bring this dream of a freckled face to reality. 

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