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The Perfect Date Night Looks with PHreckles!

We’ve got all of the date night inspo you could ever want. Which shade do you need 0102, or 03?

Sometimes a fun night out is just the medicine needed to get you out of any funk. Whether it be with your closest friends, solo, or with a significant other, you deserve a break and to feel confident in the skin you’re in! Taking time to de-stress from daily life, even by doing something seemingly small, is 100% a form of self care. Especially in these crazy times, something little like a social distanced picnic at the beach or an outdoor dinner with a view is a game changer. It just gives you that little breather needed to focus on yourself and enjoying a well deserved night out. A majority of the time, the biggest struggle can be getting the right inspo for the look and occasion you’re going for. No need to scramble an hour before to figure out the look, we’ve got you covered! We asked a few of our muses to share with us their favorite date night looks incorporating Pseudo Labs PHreckles in shades 01, 02, or 03. From minimalists to bold glam, and everything in between, which look is your favorite?

Soft Glam

Nothing compares to the look of a subtle, soft glam. It’s like regular glam but more natural! Think nude and soft pink tones. We absolutely love Carly @carlyannrd in a soft rosy lip and golden highlight. The combination of fluffy brows, bold lashes, and a sweep of faux freckles really makes this look one of our favorites! The toast undertones of PHreckles in shade 02 adds extra warmth to this look, perfect for a cute picnic or low key dinner at a cafe. This makeup is subtle, yet bold with faux freckles across the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. Such a dreamy look, it has everyone swooning! 


Sweet and Minimal

This look is a minimalist's dream, with all of the effectiveness of a full glam. Simple, yet such a beautiful way to enhance all of your natural beauty using just a few products! Hannah @mussette is looking so golden and angelic wearing PHreckles in shade 02. Those light, dusted faux freckles highlight those gorgeous eyes and beaming beauty. This look is perfect for a a quick drink or girls night. Such a great way to enhance your features. We love this look! 


Highlighted Beauty  

Sometimes that day date runs into the night. This look is super versatile that can easily transition from day to night seamlessly. A neutral eye with bright blush and highlight enhances that natural beauty. Peyton @peytonfishel incorporates PHreckles in shade 03 to really level up this look, making it a bit bolder by using a darker shade of faux freckles to contrast all of that glow. Because the focus is on a glowy highlight, every feature is enhanced while faux freckles bolden the look. To transition the look to nighttime, throw a deep-toned lip on for some extra pop!


Bold Statement Eye

Incorporating a bold statement eye is perfect for a night out! Sarah @sarahseyoung uses a metallic magenta cat-eye as the focal point of this look. The lined eye and shimmery lid are perfect for that night time glow! Tying in rosy cheeks and lips to prep for some faux freckles finishes off this incredible makeup look. Sarah wears PHreckles in shade 02 and applies multiple layers for a little extra dimension. We recommend layering different PHreckles shades for some ultra-bold freckles! Such a fun way to play with bright colors and faux freckles for a nighttime date.


Golden Hour Glow

This is the perfect look for a daytime date. Whether it be brunch or an early dinner on the coast that glow will definitely highlight those gorgeous features. Ysabelle @yssaboutskin, does this by featuring a bronzy orange shadow to brighten up the eyes, and a peachy toned blush to prep for a golden highlight and faux freckles. She uses shade 01 of Pseudo Labs PHreckles to top off this incredible look, guaranteed to make you glow from within. We recommend topping this look off with a peachy lip and a setting spray (with SPF) and you’re set! How can you not be obsessing over these golden hour vibes! 

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