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What's On Your Counter? Ft. Kyle Muff

What’s On Your Counter? We talked to makeup enthusiast, Kyle Muff about what products he's been gravitating towards.


Kyle is a makeup-obsessed, plant-loving photographer based in Canada! He’s a cancer, beaming with love for those around him while expressing his fun and creative self through makeup and photography. Kyle found his passion for makeup by diving into beauty photography. He found himself delving into the world of makeup related content on social media. This helped to build his confidence of playing with makeup himself, and we are so glad he did because his looks are INCREDIBLE! Safe to say, we are obsessing with his looks incorporating Pseudo Labs PHreckles. We wanted to learn more about Kyle and what was on his beauty counter. Kyle spilled all about what products he's been using, loving and everything in between!


What’s on your counter?

My computer, a couple of mirrors, and a few products that I didn’t put away from my last look I did. 

What is the most important aspect of a brand you look for in a product?

I really love brands with inclusivity and that connect with their customers/influencers in a very positive way.

What is your cleanest makeup product?

Could be the Milk kush mascara

What is your most eco-friendly product?

Maybe my Lipgloss Boss balmy gloss that comes in a little metal case. 

What is your most loved top-shelf product? 

Probably Mac face and body

What about your most loved bottom shelf product? 

Essence cosmetics clear brow gel, it's like $3, can’t go wrong! 

What is your most underrated, but most effective product?

I would probably say my Quo beauty matte blush. It’s from shoppers drug mart here in Canada.

What ingredients or aspects do you look for in makeup products?

I’m still trying to figure that out, but I tend to lean toward cruelty-free. 

Which ones do you try to avoid?

I try to avoid anything too matte or drying.

Do you have a “desert island product”? If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one item, which one would it be?

My Pseudo Labs faux freckles of course! 

*Kyle wears PHreckles in shade 02!




Do you wear SPF indoors?

I wear SPF every day! It’s part of my routine. 

How has shopping for beauty changed these last few months? Will you ever go back to in-store buying/ sampling?

It has definitely been very strange. I have been in store to buy something. I am much more of a store shopper because I’m more hands-on. 

Do you prefer a cloth mask vs reusable? 

I have a couple of reusable and washable masks. I prefer them because we don’t need to cause more waste in landfills. I've seen too many disposable masks laying around in the streets already.  

Has your skin changed since the pandemic?

My lips keep getting very dry from being under a mask and I'm breaking out more in my beard area. It sucks! 

Working from home? What's that been like?

I can be a little bit of a homebody so it hasn’t been too bad, but it affected my photography work for a while. 

First thing you drink in the morning?

I love some fresh ground coffee, but I'm not opposed to a nice instant coffee for those lazy days.

What are you reading?

I've been doing a lot of online reading about house plants, and I just picked up Trixie and Katya’s new book!

Favorite candles at the moment?

Oh! I just got Limoncello and Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow from Bath and Body Works. 

Any CBD incorporated into the mix these days?

Yeah, I have the milk makeup CBD + Arnica Solid Body Oil.

Series vs movies?

It depends on my mood, recently I’ve been more into series.

This one is all you! Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you? Something new you are working on, or something you have learned since the pandemic? 

I am someone that struggles a lot with depression and anxiety, and it gets really difficult to do day-to-day things especially in these times with the pandemic. I think many others can relate but over quarantine, I have gotten so into house plants and they have actually really helped me put the focus onto something positive and rewarding. Try and remember that you’re not alone and never hesitate to reach out to someone and talk! 


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