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The Evolution of Quarantine Makeup

Take a deep look into how our makeup habits have changed throughout quarantine. What looks have you been wanting to experiment with?

I know I’m not the only one who deals with the internal debate of leaving the house with or without makeup. Pre-pandemic, most of us wouldn’t think twice about it. Now it seems like every grocery run has become a way to showcase the glam we’ve spent our quarantined days putting together. On the other hand, it has us skipping the makeup to go to work in order to prevent any dents in our skincare routines due to long-term mask-wearing. It is safe to say that there has been a makeup evolution since pre-quarantine to now. To be honest, it is all determined by our creative energy. Look, there is nothing wrong with wearing a full face under your mask. In fact, that level of determination is respected and admired. At the same time, ditching makeup altogether and diving into skincare is the alter ego of many. It’s complicated but, it’s a mood. Can anyone even remember any of the pre-COVID makeup trends? Let’s do a little deep dive into the evolution of makeup throughout quarantine using our favorite faux freckle go-to, Pseudo Labs PHreckles.

Ditch the makeup, dive into skincare

Skincare is the best form of self-care. Before quarantine, it was hard to really focus on a full skincare routine when half of it consisted of prepping for a full face and taking it off at the end of the day. By the time you get home, sleep was the main priority and skincare was a close second. Now, we’ve got the time to invest in ourselves by taking care of our skin! Skincare is the best thing you can do to prep your skin for makeup. If you are coasting through quarantine as a bare-faced beauty, we love to see it! Pseudo Labs PHreckles in shade 01 is definitely your vibe. These lightly gingered freckles are a minimalist’s dream. It adds a little oomph to your look while still subtly peeking out from under your mask on those grocery trips and Target runs. PHreckles do nothing but enhance that natural beauty of yours, and shade 01 really gives you the most natural glow imaginable. 

It's all about framing those eyes!

With the rise of the minimalist makeup take over, working in cool tones of brown and blush are the main players to keep in mind. This is the perfect way to look put together enough for your Zoom calls while making it easy to grab a mask and go, without worrying about having layers of makeup on. This trend has evolved into the ultimate guide to enhancing a good smize when pairing a brown winged liner and muted, dusty rose cheeks. Topping off the look with shade 02 on the bridge of the nose and fluffy brows create a subtle way to expose a soft and warm, light makeup look. Remember that the focus is on the eyes. Doing what you can to frame them amps up any natural makeup! The key is the toasty pop of PHreckles in shade 02. Adding a few faux freckles, in addition to these minor touches, really levels up your routine without having to stress over any heavy makeup smudging with a mask on. The goal is natural warmth and with PHreckles, it’s yours. 

Brighten your eyes with a pop of color

Masks make makeup easier, in the sense that you only really need to concentrate on doing up your face from the nose up. We need to make those eyes stand out! Experimenting with color is the easiest way to do this, while simultaneously making your look pop like no other. Shadows, cut creases, and colorful eyeliners that finish off with a dusting of shade 03 bolden your look and sets you apart. Colors like deep blues and greens, or bright reds and neons dress up ordinary eyeliner while drawing attention to those gorgeous eyes of yours. Shade 03 sets the perfect tone for any type of statement look, tying in a bright eye to this cool-toned shade of faux freckles. Doing a fun eye look is a great way to play with your creativity and push your artistic boundaries. Makeup is an art, and there’s no better time than now to play with it and reinvent yourself. Make it fun by adding butterflies or colorful cheeks under some faux freckles! Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone with bright makeup and bold freckles will give you that added confidence boost, all while breathing color into these wild times. 

You really can’t go wrong with any of these looks! Pseudo Labs PHreckles will dress up any makeup look even if a mask is required. These times have us coordinating masks and makeup with our outfits and moods. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that! It is important to play and have some fun with the looks you rock. Whether your makeup look has evolved from heavy to no makeup or glowed up to bold eyes, now is the time to experiment with it! For all your beauty inspo and faux freckle needs, we’ve got you covered. We would love to see what looks your routine has evolved to. Tag us in them on Instagram @pseudolabs and let us know what look you’ve been dying to try in the comments!

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