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Seen In Pseudo Vol. 28



Seen in Pseudo is a weekly showcase of our customers and influencers wearing our PHreckles in shades 0102, or 03. Use #seeinpseudo to be featured next! Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

The lovely Sam @samanthalilliann is looking incredible in shade 02. This is such a fun neutral-toned look.


The talented makeup artist Ru @ru_makeup used shade 02 to get this rosy look on @_queenofthehighway. The smokey eye and bold lip really emphasizes those gorgeous freckles.


Courtnee @courtneecrews is speckled with the gingered tones of shade 01. We love how bold these stunning faux freckles are in this look.



Dee wears shade 03 all over for this dark and dreamy, bold makeup look. 


Josie @josie_francis uses a sprinkle of shade 01 over the cheeks and bridge of the nose to get this subtle and natural look.


Anya @anya.tisdale uses a dusting of shade 01 to top off this incredible hot cocoa-inspired makeup look. 


Vanance @miss.cameroon is absolutely glowing is her PHreckles in shade 03. Full lashes and freckles are a match made!


Shade 03 looks so gorgeous on Chantel @chantel.palmer. The boldness of faux freckles pairs well with the peak of white liner. We adore this look!


Noémie @minoblue wears shade 01 for a little extra warmth in this natural makeup moment. 


Shade 03 looks stunning on Sam @saaammage. This bronzed, warm look is perfect with a dash of faux freckles to elevate the look. 


Jazzi @jazlmao went with a neon purple liner paired with PHreckles in shade 01 to add the perfect amount of warmth to this look. 



Ana wears a soft dusting of shade 01 to compliment this natural no makeup, makeup look. Shade 01 is great option for makeup minimalists!



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