What Has 2020 Done to Your Skin?

Let’s be honest here. This pandemic has created such a massive shift in our routines pre-covid, beauty included. Personally, it has made it hard to feel motivated to wear or do anything that is outside the “work from home” bubble. This is definitely a common side effect of quarantine. Many of us have not only paused our daily routines but adopted entirely new, less extravagant beauty regimens. I’m not going to lie, sometimes experimenting with a full glam makeup look just to go to the grocery store provides that daily dose of serotonin and confidence you need! However, most days the beauty routine is looking awfully minimal. Sometimes I find myself seeking either the bare minimum in a beauty routine or a 12 step one. Nothing in between, only extremes. The combination of anxiety, increased time indoors, and long mask-wearing have taken a toll on my skin. It seems like maskne and dull-looking skin has become a common problem with skin this deep into the pandemic. This year has been insanity and there’s no surprise that this stressful climate takes a toll on how our skin reacts to these various stressors. Here is PL's guide to tackling those effects with the help of a little skincare.


Acne-prone or stressed skin? Here’s what will help…

How could we have ever predicted maskne as the newest cause of skin flare-ups?  Washing your face masks often and letting the skin breathe as much as possible while at home is vital in preventing the dreaded maskne flare-ups. Salicylic face masks once or twice a week really help to keep those breakouts under control. Incorporating niacinamide serums into your daily routine helps with evening out the texture of your skin while giving you younger, healthier-looking skin. This has really been a game-changer for those days where long term mask-wearing catches up to you. 


Dehydrated skin, desperate for moisture? We’ve got an easy fix for that...

The long days with no airflow paired with heat during this chilly season can really prolong already dry skin. Getting a facial steamer has really been the best investment of 2020, no joke. It is really nice for hydrating and opening pores. Pairing with a deep moisturizing serum helps hydrate deep into the layers of the skin. I know that most of us don’t have the energy for a 12 step skincare routine, however, this combo is a great way to get optimal hydration with minimal effort. At the bare minimum, using a deep hydration moisturizer will help keep that dry skin hydrated and happy, or at least as much as it can be in 2020. 




Don’t forget that blue light protection...

Blue light, or High Energy Visible light, actually has been said to take a toll on your skin. All of those days working online from home and diving into a TikTok hole can actually affect your skin’s appearance. A study has shown that blue light can be linked to skin damage, accelerated aging, and can promote wrinkles. Just because we spend most of our time indoors, doesn’t mean we should ditch sunscreen. Why not take advantage of SPF and protect your skin against blue light and UV rays! 


Get that serotonin boost!

Sometimes dressing up, putting a little lipstick on or playing with neon eyeliner just to binge watch “Grey’s Anatomy” on the couch is just the serotonin boost you need to get through this year. It’s the little things that have the biggest impact, right? If you’re more of a natural looking makeup person, faux freckles are the easiest way to elevate your look. Pseudo Labs PHreckles are the best way to bolden up an everyday minimalist look, or adding dimension to a bright full glam look. Have fun with your look even if it’s just for you! It’s 2020 you deserve to treat yourself and feel confident in your skin after the year we’ve had. What products or skincare tips have been getting you through this year? Sound off in the comments!

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