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What’s On Your Counter? Ft. Anya Tisdale

What’s On Your Counter? We asked MUA Anya Tisdale about what products she reaches for to bring her ethereal makeup looks to life.

Anya Tisdale @anya.tisdale is a Boston, Massachusetts based creative and editorial makeup artist who loves to incorporate nontraditional textiles and materials into her makeup looks. She strives to push herself to create out of the box looks while balancing a MUA career. Anya is also a full-time film and media student, so diving into ethereal makeup looks helps to act as an outlet for creativity.  We are in love with these incredible looks that Anya brings to life! Here is our interview with her, dissecting what is on her makeup counter and how she has been navigating her creativity through this pandemic.

What sparked your interest in makeup?

I had been interested in makeup since high school, but was often made fun of for my bolder looks and attempts at more creative makeup looks. Truth be told, it was not until the COVID-19 pandemic sent me home from university that I had all the free time on my hands to start taking makeup more seriously. It has only really been around 8 months since I started my makeup journey.

What’s on your beauty/makeup counter right now?

My makeup counter is almost ALWAYS cluttered with products I want to try, my makeup staples, and my many materials ready to be stuck to my face. My favorite products that are daily in my routine include Pseudo Labs PHreckles (of course!) in shade 01, Milk Makeup’s Hydrogrip Primer, and Urban Decay’s Lash Freak Mascara.

What is your cleanest makeup product?

My cleanest makeup product has to be my Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser. It works like a dream and makes my skin feel amazing!

What is the most important aspect of a brand you look for in a product?

I look for brands that are inclusive, no matter what the product is. If the brand doesn’t represent people that look like me, or represent other BIPOC individuals, it’s gonna have to be a “no” from me!

What is your most eco-friendly product?

My most eco-friendly product also is going to have to go to Milk Makeup’s Hydrogrip Primer and Set and Refresh Spray. The two came in a biodegradable PR package that really reduced waste!

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No matter what your discipline is, if you are an artist or not, I find that it is so important to take the time to just make something. It’s not a competition of who can do what or who can do more- run your own race, and take your victories as they come!
— Anya Tisdale

What is your most loved top-shelf product?

My most loved top-shelf product has to be my Natasha Denona Gold Palette. I remember first buying it when I was in high school and shell-shocking myself because it is so expensive, but WOW is that palette worth it!

What is your most loved bottom shelf product?

My most loved bottom shelf product is $2 lip glosses from the beauty supply store. Truly a staple.

What is your most underrated, but most effective product?

I would definitely say Museé Beauty’s Impressionism Lip Glaze in “Cassatt”! It changes color to match your lips perfectly, and it has the perfect amount of gloss to it. It makes everyone’s lips unique to them with just one glaze!


What do you look for in makeup products?

I like to find palettes especially that will work for my skin tone, and also palettes with amazing shades such as duo-chromes, foils, wet metallics, anything that stands out!


What do you try to avoid?

Any product that has been tested on animals for sure! Also, I try to avoid brands that are not inclusive with their products for ALL skin tones and skin types.

What is a product you will never stop buying?

I will forever buy Fenty Beauty Gloss Bombs. When I’m not using a $2 gloss, and want to be a little extra, one of my go-to glosses is Fenty.

Do you have a “desert island product”? If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one item, which one would it be?

It would 100% be my PHreckles! I love faux freckles and probably use them every day!

Do you wear SPF indoors?

I actually don’t, should I? Like I said, I am still really new to this, so perhaps I should put some SPF in my daily indoor routine.

How has shopping for beauty changed these last few months? Will you ever go back to in-store buying/ sampling?

I haven’t shopped for any products in such a long time… I’ve mainly been relying on PR to get my beauty fixes, since I’m really trying to curb my spending.

Do you prefer a cloth mask vs reusable? Why?

I’ve been using reusable masks that I wash after each use! It feels more comfortable to wear and I also enjoy taking time to wash them when I am done for the day.

Has your skin changed since the pandemic?

I definitely have been noticing I am more prone to breakouts because of mask-wearing, but as long as I take care to wash my skin thoroughly at night, I can keep them in check!


Working from home? What's that been like?

Taking classes online is a little difficult. Zoom fatigue is a real thing! But I do appreciate the illusion of feeling like I have more free time.


First thing you drink in the morning?

Sometimes an Iced Mocha Swirl from Dunkin’ Donuts, sometimes water, sometimes orange juice! I like to have a lineup.

What are you reading?

I just finished reading volume 1 of a manga called “Vagabond”. So good!

Favorite candles at the moment?

My mom sent me a “Birthdate Candle”, it is a candle with a special scent based on your birthday and zodiac sign. It tells you special little facts unique to you. Smells bomb!

Any CBD incorporated into the mix these days?

Some of my makeup products do have CBD in them! I find that they work well with my skin.

Series vs. movies?

Definitely series so I can take a break in between episodes if I get tired!

This one is all you! Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you? Something new you are working on, or something you have learned since the pandemic? 

One thing I definitely learned is that idle hands truly are the devil’s playthings. Whenever I find myself bored, not creating, or just unproductive, I find that my mental health reaches its worst. Creating and making different creative/editorial makeup looks over quarantine gave me the serotonin boost I truly needed. No matter what your discipline is, if you are an artist or not, I find that it is so important to take the time to just make something. It’s not a competition of who can do what or who can do more--- run your own race, and take your victories as they come!

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