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Seen in Pseudo Vol. 17


Seen in Pseudo is a weekly showcase of our customers and influencers wearing our PHreckles in shades 0102, or 03. Use #seeinpseudo to be featured next! Which look is your favoriteLet us know in the comments!

Alyssa @alyssainthecity adds a light dusting of PHreckles in shade 01 along the bridge of the nose to amp up this natural and minimal makeup look!


Katie @katielynnestyle incorporates shade 02 into this incredible glowy look! We are getting all the beach vibes we’ve been looking for.


Dasianay @dasia.nay is a freckled queen, with a little help from trusty shade 03 to get this gorgeous look. 



Itzy @itzycanales is a golden goddess in shade 02. We are absolutely obsessing over this one!


Samantha @samantheah is looking fresh and bright with this look. Adding a dash of shade 02 really levels up this natural moment!


Look at the BEAUTY that is Anya @anya.tisdale! Shade 01 is looking like a dream in this look. 


Katrina @whos.katrina incorporated shade 01 into such a fun, bold makeup look! We love the koi detailing, and bright colors.


Tiffany @tiffanylupien is absolutely gorgeous and glowing, adding a dusting of shade 03 for this look!


Olivia @oliviapw is giving us the vacation vibes we are looking for, with a little help from shade 02!


Laurel @laurelryser is absolutely stunning, wearing shade 03. She has us believing those faux freckles of hers are 100% natural!  


Amora @amoralaini really did THAT! She is so stunning in nothing but shade 02 for this minimalist moment.  



Jasmine @j.xsmvne is ethereal with a dash of shade 03. These PHreckles instantly add warmth into this golden look. 


Shade 02 has never looked better! Gracen @gracen.jpg went with PHreckles all over for some added boldness. 


Kamille @kamillegregory used shade 03 to top off this warm, smokey makeup look. So gorgeous!



Kahara @kaharahodges added shade 01 for an instant all over glow!  We love this!

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