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PHrecking on Camera: Meet Caroline & GB

Let’s talk about confidence. It can be a lot of work feeling lush in your own skin! It’s sometimes a struggle and not something many of us feel 100% of the time but it’s all a process. Something that helps is having the support of someone who can help balance out the good and “eh” days you’re feeling. We have the tendency to be a lot harder on ourselves than necessary! It’s okay to feel incredible in the skin your in and we shouldn’t hide that! Our skin is beautiful and should be celebrated. Pseudo Labs created PHreckles, an easy to use gender-fluid makeup for faux freckles that will make makeup pros and newbies fall in love with the skin they’re in all over again. PHreckles are not skin type or gender-specific but derived from science, allowing for all genders and nationalities to accentuate and embrace their natural beauty. Embracing universal cosmetics and adding to our natural features, rather than concealing them is something that Pseudo Labs strives to promote. Feeling confident in the skin you’re in with this universal, natural wear is a guaranteed confidence booster! 

We took to our PHreckles users and asked them how they feel confident in the skin they’re in, and how they wear their faux freckles in shades 0102, or 03

Meet Caroline & GB in shade 02!


How would you describe each other

Caroline: GB (my husband) is the most handsome guy I've ever met, but his best quality is being SO patient! (as you can see from the video) 

GB: Caroline (my wife) has taught me a lot in the past few years. She always thinks about others, and in every situation, we are in she is always able to get along with everybody. She's loving and caring, and her values are pure. Beauty for here is just an extra (I am a lucky guy).

When do you feel the most confident?

Caroline: I feel confident wearing an oversized jogging pant, a t-shirt, and my fav sneakers. Women are so beautiful in men's clothes!!

GB: I feel confident when I see that decision that I take benefit the people I love, my family. In terms of clothing as long as I like something, I'll wear it. I don't need anybody else's approval (apart from Carol that is usually pretty supportive), I always like to push the boundaries.

How would you describe each other’s personal style/everyday makeup?

Caroline: He doesn't wear make-up, even if I think he would look amazing! I personally love his style, he can wear everything, even a pijama and he will always be classy.

GB: What I love about Carol, is her natural beauty and how she's able to pull everything off with such grace.

How does wearing PHreckles make you feel?

Caroline: With my PHreckles, I feel more special. Freckles are the detail that can change your sight even if you are not wearing make-up. I love wearing them with some blush on my cheeks and a natural lipstick. 

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