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What’s On Your Counter? Ft. Su’aad Hassan

What’s On Your Counter? Meet Su’aad Hassan, an iconic content creator navigating the world of producing purposeful content. We asked MUA Su’aad Hassan about what products she reaches for to bring her stunning makeup looks to life.

PL: What sparked your interest in makeup?

SH: Definitely thinking I had horrible skin I needed to hide, ironic considering it probably made my skin worse at the time. I used the MAC pro long-wear concealer to spot conceal but didn't have a solid skincare routine. I eventually learned to just play with it and embrace my skin as it is.


What’s on your beauty/makeup counter right now?

A lot of Paula's Choice and Good Molecules due to going barefaced with just my Boybrow and trying to fight/prevent maskne.


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What is your cleanest beauty product?

Probably the Good Molecules hyaluronic acid serum.


What is the most important aspect of a brand you look for in a product?

Non-comedogenic 100%.

What is your most eco-friendly product?

I think packaging a lot of times is wasteful so I try to think about not wasting the product and making the most of my purchase. The most eco-friendly product I currently own is PHreckles!

What is your most loved top-shelf product?

My Becca Backlight Primer.


The biggest thing I’m trying to incorporate as a result of this pandemic is to focus more on what I let into my body rather than what I apply on top be it food, getting enough water, negativity and more than anything, to be more mindful. 
— Su'aad Hassan


What is your most loved bottom shelf product?

Essence clear lip gloss hands down.

What is your most underrated, but most effective product?

A good brow gel can go a long way especially on no-makeup days.


What do you look for in makeup products?

Anything with SPF is a plus. I'll refine my search when looking for new brands to try at anything considered 'clean'. I also look for diversity in the reviews so I can grasp whether the brand will cater to my skin/complexion.


What do you try to avoid?

Talc, oil, alcohol, and anything that could clog my pores or dry out my skin.


What is a product you will never stop buying?

The PUR Dirty Girl mask, a controversial one but so good to decongest.

Do you have a “desert island product”? If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one item, which one would it be?


Do you wear SPF indoors?

Yes always, I work by a window most times and have done some treatments that make my skin more sensitive to the sun so it's a must.


How has shopping for beauty changed these last few months? Will you ever go back to in-store buying/ sampling?

I have been more adventurous strangely enough because I want to support smaller brands and also black and POC owned/run brands. I was never a big sampler to start with, thankfully most products I buy work or I have found a way to make them work.

@suaadhsn on Instagram!

@suaadhsn on Instagram!

Has your skin changed since the pandemic?

Definitely, for the better and worse. I have given my skin more attention which may be why it seemed worse at first ,but with time and investing in treatment it has been getting much better.


Working from home? What's that been like?

Still adjusting unfortunately. I feel tired a lot of the time and my 'me' time and work time all seems to blur and before I know it the day is done. I'm in the process of moving into a bigger space where I can put my desk/office in another room so hopefully that helps.

First thing you drink in the morning?

An iced oat milk latte with honey when my espresso machine is working, otherwise just water.

What are you reading?

'Thinking Fast and Slow' by Daniel Fahneman, I found it lying around and have an interest in statistics.

Any CBD incorporated into the mix these days?

Not yet but would love to try!


Series vs. movies?

An anime series for the binge, always


This one is all you! Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you? Something new you are working on, or something you have learned since the pandemic?

 Throughout the pandemic I've been journeying more into skincare and wellbeing, focusing on making my online presence more purposeful as well as my day to day life/actions. The biggest thing I'm trying to incorporate as a result of this pandemic is to focus more on what I let into my body rather than what I apply on top be it food, getting enough water, negativity and more than anything, to be more mindful. Currently I'm working on a re-launch of my youtube as well as my second hand popup shop called Second Hand Popup Toronto, making sure my projects have a message or educational elements behind them.

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