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Lashes For Every Eye Shape

Let’s talk about those gorgeous eyes of yours. We’ve found that the best beauty hack is finding out your eye shape and building your favorite makeup looks around complementing those eyes! This is an easy way to decipher how to tailor makeup trends around enhancing your eye shape for a bolder look. Lashes also play a role in the way your makeup looks are defined. Most people fit into 6 eye shapes: almond, prominent, hooded, monolid, deep-set, or down-turned. Need help finding the perfect match? We’ve got you covered!


  1. Almond Eyes

The almond eye is typically oval-shaped with the corners upturned. This shape is great for bold eyeshadow looks as the canvas and is larger compared to other eye shapes. Because of this, most lashes can be easily added to compliment the look! 

We recommend Cilium in BDL 55 and BDL 08.

2. Prominent Eyes

This eye shape showcases projected eyelids, meaning increased visibility when applying makeup. This shape is great at creating a shelf-like appearance to make your lashes the main focus. This creates a more dramatic lash look, even when wearing lighter more natural lashes. 
We recommend Cilium in BDL 01 or BDL 38.

3. Hooded Eyes


A hooded eye shape has a heavier upper lid that tends to conceal or minimize the crease of the eye. This leaves the illusion of a smaller canvas when it comes to eye makeup. Because of this, reaching for a lash that has a much fuller base will give you a bolder look. 

We recommend Cilium in BDL 55.

4. Monolid Eyes

This eye shape tends to conceal the crease of the eye and creates a smooth surface when doing makeup looks. Monolid eye shapes are great for bold eye looks like a cut-crease or graphic liner. 

We recommend Cilium in BDL 38.

5. Deep-Set Eyes

This eye shape is a bit deeper set into the eye socket showcasing your larger beautiful eyes. For deep-set eyes, finding a nice medium lash that has added volume, but not too much longer so your fluttering lashes aren’t reaching your brows is a must. 

We recommend Cilium in BDL 08 or BDL 01.

6. Downturned Eyes


This is a more rounded eye shape where the inner corner is turned down lower than the outer corners of the eye. Going for a voluminous lash that emphasizes the eye is a great way to enhance your look!

We recommend Cilium in BDL 55 or BDL 08.

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