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The Rise of Permanent Makeup

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Is it worth the hype? Diving into the pros and cons of permanent makeup trends and their alternatives. 

In a world of ever-changing technological advancements, makeup has evolved alongside it. Recently, it seems like you can get any beauty treatment or trend made permanent if you really wanted to. From microblading to even tattooed freckles, you name it and you’ll see it out in the open. It sounds like a minimalist’s dream, right? Being able to snooze that alarm a little longer, instead of spending extra time applying makeup sounds like a luxury. But what are the advantages and disadvantages? Even if a seemingly small procedure like microblading is considered semi-permanent, is it really worth the risk? At least when you get your makeup done, you have the advantage of taking it off at the end of the day, knowing you can create a completely different look the next. Most people have a hard time committing to the idea of a tattoo on themselves, let alone one on their face. Is the idea of permanent makeup something that is too scary for us? Or is it really just the perfect thing for makeup minimalists?  Here is our guide to deciphering these trends, figuring out what to look into, or finding less invasive alternatives. 


Sounds simple right? Filling in your brows with tattoo-like stokes that replicate each additional hair seems like a good deal. I know many people who have gotten their brows microbladed, and they left with fuller deeper pigmented brows that last! The best part is that you don’t have to spend the time filling them in with a pencil or other makeup products. It is important to remember that this is still considered a medical procedure, so there are some risks to be aware of. Because this is similar to tattooing, there are always risks of infection. It is really important to be aware that the FDA doesn’t regulate or approve inks that are injected into the skin when used in these practices. Be sure to do some thorough research on who you have perform this sort of procedure and what their practices are. Whether you think this is a procedure that is right for you or decide against it, there are effective alternatives. Glossier’s “Brow Flick” and Lime Crime’s “Bushy Brow Pen” both replicate the look of microbladed brows that give you the precision needed to imitate real hair follicles. The kicker is that it is a temporary way to get the same look. No procedure is required. No matter what you choose, there are options for everyone!


Tattooed Freckles

People are getting freckles tattooed. Yes, you read that right. It's definitely something you really need to be dedicated to. Freckles are beautiful and should be embraced! Some people may get tattooed ones to keep their own freckles darker and prevent fading when the sun eases in the winter months. On the other hand, others want to buy in to something that they have always admired on the freckled faces on others. To each their own! However similarly to microblading, this is in fact a tattoo. And it’s on your face. So, it is very important to do your research and make sure this permanent decision is made with the longterm in mind. The risk of these faux freckles are the same as any other tattoo, so the risk of being allergic to the ink or something similar is something to keep in mind before pursuing this route. Some artists use “semi-permanent” ink that is designed to fade over time, however this is not guaranteed. Luckily for you Pseudo Labs has the perfect and most natural looking faux freckles, so you can test drive your freckled look before making any permanent decisions. PHreckles are vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten free, cruelty free, and water resistant.  With our range of shades, it’s the easiest way to enhance your natural freckles or add some extra dimension to your makeup looks! All of the effectiveness of permanent freckles, without the commitment. 

Microneedling and semi-permanent skin treatments:

Has anyone ever heard of a BB glow treatment? Well, it's basically a semi-permanent foundation designed to help with hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and acne scarring. It is a form of microneedling that deposits tinted serum into the skin. This medical treatment is essentially like a facial, but it acts as a way of injecting your whole face with a BB cream to counteract skin discoloration on a close to permanent level. For people who deal with a lot of hyperpigmentation or skin discoloration, this helps even out your skin tone and effected areas. It is a procedure that would need multiple sessions to build the color pigment, so that is something to consider. This is an incredibly controversial treatment, as it is not FDA approved and some dermatologists believe the benefits don’t outweigh the costs. Again, since microneedling has similarities to tattooing, there are risks involved. Some of those include allergies and contact dermatitis, post inflammatory pigmentation (PIP), and can increase cancer risks. Some alternatives to this treatment that are less invasive are Bare Minerals “Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer”, or IT Cosmetics “CC+ Cream with SPF 50+”. There are so many non-permanent options available and it is really important to weigh out what is best for you and your skin needs. 

The rise of permanent makeup on the surface, seems like the easy way out from traditional makeup application. When microblading was first introduced and trending on all socials, it seemed like people were skeptical but essentially willing to overlook the risks for worry free brows in the long run. For the right person and with the right cosmetic doctor, permanent makeup sounds like a great option! However, there have been some controversy in terms of what people are willing to do to make their beauty routines permanent. Microblading, tattooed freckles and even microneedling BB cream as a semi-permanent foundation, makes it easy to quite literally roll out of bed in the mornings with a full face done without the use of any makeup. Of course all of these methods are up to the discretion of each individual, however is there a line we are crossing to attain permanent beauty standards? The idea of something permanent is stressful enough, but something on your face that won’t evolve with future trends may be something important to consider when deciphering the ever changing world of makeup and beauty standards. With every beauty procedure, it is important to keep in mind that there are pros, cons, and even some risks.

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Eve Mitchell
Eve Mitchell

It’s great to know that permanent makeup can help treat hyperpigmentation and scarring. My husband is balding, and he’s really self-conscious about the hyperpigmentation on his scalp. I think it would be really beneficial for him to look into permanent makeup as the solution.

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