Seen In Pseudo Vol. 27


Seen in Pseudo is a weekly showcase of our customers and influencers wearing our PHreckles in shades 0102, or 03. Use #seeinpseudo to be featured next! Which look is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Shade 01 adds the perfect glow to Courtnee’s @courtneecrews colorful look! 


Maggie @maggietoddd has really got the vibe of shade 01 down. We love this simple makeup look with a soft sprinkle of faux freckles.


Josie @josie_francis has that glow we are obsessed with, starring shade 01


Noémie @minoblue wears shade 02 and 03 for a natural, dimensional freckle look.  


Olivia @oliviapw is a golden goddess, adding extra warmth with the toasty tones of shade 02


 Erika @e_ttg wears shade 01 for this sporty winter look!


Jackie @jaxandrose uses shade 01 to enhance her natural freckles and add a few extra! 


Gabi @thegabriellealvarez wears shade 01 for this fun and bold purple and green toned eye look. 


Katie @katie.artistry is looking gorgeous in shade 01 for this smokey neon-winged look.


Nicole @nicolesmalley wears shade 02 for this flawless makeup moment.  


Kyra @kyratranstrum uses a layer of shade 02 and 03 for this minimalist makeup look we love.


Melanie @overglowedit wears shade 02 for this stunning, subtle makeup. This is such a cute daytime look that is perfect for the holidays.


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