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3 Valentine’s Day Eye Looks You’ll Fall in Love With

With the inevitable day of love around the corner, there is no better time than now to feel confident in the skin you’re in. Whether you’re spending the day with your significant other, a best friend, or treating yourself to some well-deserved self-care, why not take the day to experiment with your look. This holiday should be about loving yourself and feeling confident in that! If trying a new image or look for yourself is something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to, this is your sign! We made finding the perfect Valentine’s Day makeup look easy this year. Try out these looks that will make you fall in love with yourself and your new look all over again. 

Sweet Minimalist

For this look, we’re channeling that natural beauty, with a twist. Adding a sweep of Pseudo Labs faux freckles will easily level up any minimalist look. The most natural way to pull off these freckles is to slowly brush through the bristles, flicking each freckle on each side of the nose. Immediately tapping each faux freckle into the skin with your finger or beauty blender will help blend the formula into the skin, making it appear as natural as possible. The trick is building layers of freckles, paired with tapping them out so you’ll never believe that it’s makeup. Going in with the tip of the PHreckles toothpick and dotting in some extra, deeper pigment adds a dimensional and fun element to this minimalist look. We recommend using PHreckles in shade 01 for this light and airy moment.


Flirty Pop of Color

We all know that a red lip is pretty typical for Valentine’s Day, but have you ever tried a red eyeshadow? This burst of color as the focal point of the face does the most to make those gorgeous eyes of yours stand out. Concentrating your favorite red shadow on the lid and lash line, while blending upwards will give you that perfect flared out color contrast. Pairing the toasty tones of PHreckles in shade 02 breathes warmth into this flirty makeup moment. Layering faux freckles gives this look the perfect pop of color and warmth needed for this special occasion. Why not experiment with your look this year with the help of some faux freckles?


Mysterious Smokey Eye

You really can’t go wrong with a bold, smokey eye. It’s a classic, but can be hard to master for some. The key is blending each layer. Starting the base with a taupe, brown shade and blending up to just below the brow bone will set you up for success. Gradually add a contrasting dark pigment across the lid, blending as you go builds that smoked out eye you’re going for. Add a highlight on that brow bone and inner corner, then top off the look with PHreckles in shade 03. The cool tones of shade 03 compliment the deep smokey eye and add a little mystery. This is such a gorgeous makeup look with a ton of edge to it.

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