Apply PHreckles around the nose, cheekbones and forehead for a dramatically subtle look.

Shake PHreckles bottle well.

 After unscrewing the cap, pull the wand out of the bottle and push it in and out of the wiper once or twice. This will remove excess product from the bristles.

Hold the wand bristles up, allowing formula to run into the cap.

Hold bristles parallel to the desired place of application, about an inch away.

Run the middle of the toothpick softly through the bristles facing your skin.

Working on one application sight at a time, dab the formula with a finger for lighter and less prominent PHreckles. Using the formula from the already dabbed freckles, apply to free spots around the face. This will give off different shades of freckles, allowing them to look more realistic.

Wipe away any excess spots you do not desire before formula dries.

Use the touch and tap method for subtle PHreckles or the no tap method for more prominent, dramatic PHreckles. 

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