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What's On Your Counter? Ft. Salwa Rahman

What’s On Your Counter? We talked to London-based creative, Salwa Rahman about what products she’s been loving this season.

Meet Salwa Rahman!

Salwa is a London-based freelancer who thrives in the creative field. She creates some incredible content, models, creative directs and co-founded a creative company called Bluem Collective. She loves playing with the bounds of makeup and diving into skincare products. Salwa has created some amazing looks for Pseudo Labs using PHreckles in shades 01 and 03. She has such a knack for the art of makeup and we are always excited about what she does next! To get a deeper dive into the creativity that Salwa emanates, you can follow her on Instagram @urgalsal_ We asked Salwa all about her love for makeup and found out a little more about her beauty counter and the products she’s been reaching for!

Introduce yourself! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
Salaam! I’m Salwa. I’m a London based freelance creative who has her fingers in a lot of pies. I love to create beautiful content, I model (sometimes!), creative direct, and have co-founded a creative community called Bluem Collective. 

What sparked your interest in makeup?
The colors and the playfulness of it. I don’t take myself too seriously and makeup is a great medium to engage with because you can’t really make mistakes! You can have some fun and hopefully really like the end result. 

What’s on your beauty/makeup counter right now?
I have lots of skincare goodies but there first thing that catches my eye is the Vitamasques Rose Jelly Toner. It’s so different from the usual liquid ones I use, but it smells gorgeous!

What is your cleanest makeup product?
Lush Trix Stick Concealer - recyclable packaging and a wax handle plus it’s a dreamy product.

What is the most important aspect of a brand you look for in a product?
Their ethos and how they are shaping what beauty looks like and means to their community. 

What is your most eco-friendly product?
Honestly, the beauty industry isn’t doing so well with that so I really can’t say! 

What is your most loved top-shelf product? (Most expensive/extravagant)
Byredo Lil Fleur perfume 

What is your most loved bottom shelf product? (Most inexpensive/bang for your buck)
Glisten Cosmetics Wet Liners! (p.s. you can save some money using code SALWA20)!

What is your most underrated, but most effective product?
RCMA No Colour Powder 

What ingredients or aspects do you look for in makeup products?


What is a product you will never stop buying?
Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask 

Do you have a “desert island product”? If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one item, which one would it be?
An eyelash curler! 

Do you wear SPF indoors?
I alternate between a few but every other evening I’ll apply Monroe moisturizer that has SPF20 before I go to sleep.

How has shopping for beauty changed these last few months? Will you ever go back to in-store buying/ sampling?
Yes for sure! I think beauty is always going to be one of those markets where connection to the product is key as it can sometimes make or break your confidence. Plus, if I’m honest, a little goes a long way so samples are a great way of really feeling a product out before you invest!

Do you prefer a cloth mask vs reusable? Why?
Cloth Mask I think. It’s reusable and people are making such wonderful patterns so you can stay safe and support small businesses too!

Has your skin changed since the pandemic?
Yes, it’s definitely become drier and more irritable because it constantly has something touching/rubbing against it which isn’t great. 

Working from home? What's that been like?
It’s been nice! I’ve enjoyed being a homebody- you don’t realize how much socializing you do on a day to day basis which is crazy! So it’s definitely been nice preserving my social energy. 

First thing you drink in the morning?
Water or oat/coconut milk latte. 

What are you reading?
Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder 

Favorite candles at the moment?
A brand called Favorite and the scent is Raspberry Vanilla 

Any CBD incorporated into the mix these days?
I haven’t tried that yet!

Series vs movies?
Tough question because I love both! Movies I think. 

This one is all you! Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you? Something new you are working on, or something you have learned since the pandemic?
The pandemic has been a great opportunity to practice mindfulness, I’ve learned a lot about myself, about my boundaries, and how I want to share my energy with people and things. It’s been quite eye-opening if not uncomfortable to be in this state of radical change. I think listening to your body and intuition is key, and finding gratitude in life is key to happiness.

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