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The Ultimate Brow Guide

Eyebrow trends have evolved over the decades. The ‘20s featured penciled-in thin eyebrows, while the style resurfaced in the ‘90s, being popularized by celebrities like Gwen Stefani. Eyebrows have the power to define the makeup of a decade and they certainly have evolved in 2021 to the thick, fluffy, and natural brows we love! For makeup newbies and seasoned makeup lovers, here are our favorite fluffy eyebrow looks and how to perfect them.

Faux Microbladed Brows

@breekish is the perfect example of a faux microbladed brow look. The goal is to mimic real brow hair by using a fine tip to feather and fill in any sparse areas, creates a fuller brow. You can try the NYX Brow Tint Pen, or Glossier’s Brow Flick to achieve this look.


Laminated Look gets this laminated look by accentuating the volume of the brows. By extending them up, they appear defined and thicker than average. It’s all about accentuating the height of the brows so they appear bolder than ever. Try using the Patrick Ta Brow Shaping Wax, or the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Styling Wax.


Natural Fluffy Brows

@rynannenicolee has the fluffy brows we dream of! If you’ve naturally got thick brows, enhancing them just a tad with a tinted brow gel, or even a clear brow gel to keep them in place all day. Using Glossier’s Boy Brow is a good fit, if bold fluffy brows are on your makeup wish list.


Defined Brows

@iamjessvaldez has every brow hair in place, perfectly defined. This look is great for subtly filling your defined brow shade with ease. Using your favorite brow pencil will help get a precisely shaped brow you’ll love!



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