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Recreating Celebrity Freckles Through The Decades Using Pseudo Labs PHreckles

Our love for beauty throughout the decades is endless. From the bold liners, rosy lips, and every freckle in between, there is so much inspiration to gain from the women in Hollywood today and in the past. Although the appreciation of freckles has evolved from years ago, some trends always circle back. Who can forget Marilyn Monroe’s iconic mole? Or the perfect combination of freckles, bold eyeliner, and full lashes that Twiggy became known for. Freckles should be celebrated and embraced! Of the many muses through the decades, we have noted a few celebrities that we have to dedicate our freckle inspo to. To commemorate our admiration, here are a few of our favorite celeb freckles to recreate using PHreckles in shades 01, 02, and 03.  Which look would you want to recreate?


Elizabeth Taylor

The classic old Hollywood movie star we know and adore would definitely need a shade as bold as she is. To recreate Elizabeth Taylor’s gorgeous frecks, Pseudo Labs PHreckles in Shade 03 is the key to recreating this look.


Diana Ross

The iconic singer, Diana Ross, would need none other than Shade 03 to recreate those beautiful freckles. Although nothing can compare to this talent, PHreckles is as close to the real deal as possible!


This legendary British model pairs perfectly with the subtle gingered glow of Shade 01. You’ll get that instant warmth complemented with that iconic bold liner to match. Finish it off with some lashes and you will have the perfect Twiggy-inspired look!


link in bio for @pseudolabs link ❤️. Tried to do the same pose at the end 😭💀 ##ad

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Brigitte Bardot

The ‘70s celebrity singer and actress Brigitte Bardot would need a sprinkle of Shade 02 to recreate her famous freckles. Dust these faux freckles across the bridge of the nose and apples of your checks and this stunning look is mastered!


Molly Ringwald

The face of many of the famous John Hughes films, Molly Ringwald, would need a sweep of PHreckles in Shade 01 to recreate those beautiful frecks. Finish this look with a rosy lip and you’ve got this makeup moment down!


Devon Aoki

The beautiful ‘90s actress and model, Devon Aoki, has such incredible freckles that are hard to ignore. Adding a dusting of Shade 03 all over will help to bring this warm look to life!


Lindsay Lohan

Who can forget the legendary freckles on the face of 2000’s pop culture royalty, Lindsay Lohan? A generous, layered amount of Shade 01 will get your look so close to Lindsay’s, you’ll have to do a double-take.


Zoë Kravitz

The freckles on the lovely Zoë Kravitz are something we strive to recreate on a daily. Using a sweep of Shade 02 will get you as close to the real thing as humanly possible, you’ll love it.

Meghan Markle

The stunning Meghan Markle has the most iconic freckles we all wish we had, naturally. Luckily with a little help from Pseudo Labs PHreckles in Shade 03, this dream can be brought to reality!


love this freckles look inspired by meghan markle!! @pseudolabs ##freckles ##meghanmarkle click the link in my bio to shop! 🤍

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