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How To Add Color To Your Spring Makeup Routine

The weather is getting more beautiful, daylight savings is around the corner, it finally feels like Spring is approaching. If setting our clocks back and losing an hour of sleep is the price to pay for a chance to show off these Spring inspired looks, count us in. Check out our Spring makeup inspo with these easy ways to add some extra color to your look. 


Two-Toned Shadows

The perfect way to incorporate color in a fun way, with minimal effort is with a two-toned shadow. Choose two of your favorite complementary colors to blend and ombre out in the center of the eyelid. Blending a blue and a purple or pink shadow will help recreate this gorgeous look. Reach for pastels for a lighter and more subtle pop of color. Top this look off with PHreckles in Shade 03 along the bridge of the nose and cheekbones and you’re ready for Spring!



Reinvented Cat Eye

Traditionally, a cat eye is used with a black liner and a smokey shadow. A reinvented cat-eye incorporates a wing on the entire lid using shadows and liners. For this look, choose your favorite colored liner and line right above the crease of your eye. Fill in with an eyeshadow of the same hue and meet the entire lid to your lash line with that pop of color. Adding a thick wing of the same colored liner and sweeping a bit of white liner in the waterline makes those eyes pop! Lining your bottom lash line with the shadow, making it parallel to your winged liner will tie everything together. Top off this look with a few flicks of Pseudo Labs PHreckles in Shade 01 all over and you’ve created a beautiful and bold makeup moment this Spring!


Cut Out Eyeliner

Similar to a cut crease, this look frames a naked eyelid and boldens your look with the use of bright eyeliner. Choosing your favorite pop of color like a royal blue or neon liner and connecting a wing from across your lash line to a line along the crease of your lid will get you there. Grab your favorite lashes and dot some pigment of Pseudo Labs faux freckles in Shade 03 will tie everything all together.



Subtle Highlight

Adding a pop of color along the inner or outer corners perfectly frames your eyes and gives you a more subtle pop where you need it. Pastels or neons are the way to go with this look. We recommend using a sweep of Shade 02 to add the perfect complement to this fun and flirty look.


Get Abstract

If you’re feeling a little edgy, try using multiple colors of different hues to create some abstract art on the beautiful face of yours. Using shades of pink, red, white, or purple in a look, or a combination of blues and greens will push you out of your comfort zone and into a new hue this Spring. To balance out this bold eye look, adding a layer of PHreckles in Shade 01 elevates this makeup moment to chic and edgy.

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