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Halloween Makeup Looks Using PHreckles!

Spooky season has arrived! Celebrate Halloween from home this year using PHreckles in shades 01, 02, and 03.

Halloween is a little different this year. Although we are celebrating by socially distancing and from the comfort of our own homes, it doesn’t mean we can’t play a little dress up. Halloween this year has us appreciating the little things, grounding ourselves with our favorite movies, Fall scented candles, and diving into baking our favorite festive treats. The leaves are changing and the spookiness in the air has arrived. Using this time to celebrate from the coziness of your own home might be the festive pick-me-up we’ve been missing. This is the perfect time to try that makeup look you’ve always wanted to! Why does it seem like finding Halloween costume inspo is always the hardest part? Luckily, we’ve created three easy makeup looks using our favorite faux freckles, that will actually last. PHreckles are the perfect addition to your makeup toolkit this Halloween. Because they are so realistic, they’ll have you questioning which freckles are real, and which ones are temporary.   

We took to the Pseudo Labs team to see what Halloween looks we could come up with using our favorite shades of PHreckles. Through the process of a random draw, we created our best Halloween makeup looks. Which look will you try this Halloween?




I took on the task of recreating a simple, Beetlejuice inspired look. This look really only requires a good primer, some green and purple shadows, and PHreckles in shade 03. This is a look perfect for minimalists who want to add a dash of color that really gets the job done right. You could go a ton of different ways with this one, however, I thought that less is more for this look. The boldness of shade 03, is a really great way to exaggerate your features. Layering would even be a great way to add some extra dimension to this Beetlejuice moment by using shade 01 or 02 as a base, and topping it off with shade 03. The bold eye really matches the energy of shade 03, acting as the perfect complement to this look!





Was it not everyone’s dream to be a mermaid? Brooke created this stunning mermaid makeup look by using fishnet tights and a little help from PHreckles in shade 02. She went with a light and bright look, using deep blues for a shadow and yellow liner as the perfect contrast. Shimmery and dreamy scales add that extra detailing to level up this look. The use of shade 02 across the bridge of the nose and cheeks creates this “just out of the sun” glow you’ve always wanted from a mermaid. 





We love a spooky scarecrow moment, and Nahjeniq killed it! She uses PHreckles in shades 02 and 03 to layer some extra warmth into this look. This layering trick really helps highlight the drawn on patches and stitches, warming up this look with ease. Such an easy and fun look for Halloween this year. Just because we’ll be celebrating from home, doesn’t mean you can’t look good and play around with such a cute look! 



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