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Finding Your Shade For Any Occasion

Which shade is for you? Spicing up your work from home look with PHreckles

There’s nothing like getting a little dolled up, just to stay in… or go get some groceries. Working from home has me forgetting what it is like to dress up, and get ready for a night out. So it’s time to evolve the working from home look and revisit the world of makeup, even if it means wearing it from my living room- straight to the kitchen. To be honest, experimenting and playing around with makeup has really added a little pep in my step, as a little reminder of what makeup can do. Normally a quick errand run meant I would add some concealer, brows, and maybe even a little mascara or faux freckles. Recently, I’ve been loving adding a sprinkle of Pseudo Labs PHreckles and I’m out of the house. I have two moods, and they’re both different extremes: no makeup, or a full face. Sometimes it really looks like just moisturizer with SPF and shade 01 of PHreckles dusted on my cheeks, nothing extra- just a bare face. On the other hand, I’ll do the whole shebang. I’m talking about brows, powder, bronzer, blush, shadow- all of it, and a sweep of shade 03 on the bridge of my nose and t-zone. It’s easy to make the shift for every occasion, but how do you know which shade of faux freckles to use? That’s what I’m here for. Here’s a little cheat sheet to find the best shade for your desired look.

Shade 01- The “au naturel”

The lightest, most subtle ginger tones of shade 01 are the perfect match for the bare-faced beauties that need a little pick me up without the heaviness of a full makeup look. This is the less is more, natural no makeup. The just woke up from my nap on the beach but minus the sun damage-type look. It’s perfect for brightening up already natural freckles that haven’t darkened from the sun this summer. Shade 01 is the easiest for minimalist makeup routines where you just need a tiny dash to give you that added brightness to your skin. We love to pair this softer shade with some concealer and brow gel for a match made in heaven. Dabbing each freckle into the skin lightens the look, even more, creating the perfect natural-looking faux freckles. 

Shade 02- The “subtle flex”

Need a little extra oomph, but still want to keep it natural? Shade 02 is going to be your new best friend. It’s the best of both worlds. On one hand, you can tap the freckles out with your finger to make them appear as natural as humanly possible, yet leave them untapped for extra pigmentation. This adds dimension to your makeup while pairing with a winged liner and a neutral lip. Shade 02 is the perfect brunch or daytime look where you don’t necessarily want a bare face but it still breathes some extra warmth into your look. 

Shade 03: The bolder, the better!

Let me guess, you’re a Leo? Or maybe just want your faux freckles to be as bold and bright as you are. We love to see it, and you’re in the right place. Shade 03 is a cooler toned brown that is best paired with a bold eye or lip. The deeper pigment makes for a multidimensional look that adds a pop of color for a striking makeup moment. To add a little more heat, we recommend leaving those precious freckles untapped for extra pigmentation. Try a sprinkle of shade 03 across the forehead and bridge of the nose and cheeks to dress up any look from day to night. 

You really can’t go wrong with any shade, there’s one for every occasion. From a day at the beach then lunch with the girls, or even a date night at home, we’ve got you covered! If you're still a little shakey on deciding which shade to get, take our quiz! Where are you wearing your PHreckles? Let us know by tagging @pseudolabs, we love to see your looks in action! 

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