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Fall Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Mani

What is the most underrated accessory that is popping up all over your Pinterest boards? Your mani! Having nail art that truly is a reflection of your own self-expression and makes you feel confident, is a healthy obsession. This overlooked accessory is such a fun way to use your nails as an extension of your look. Nail art has the ability to elevate your look, and these fall designs will give you all the inspo you need.

Coffin Shaped Nails

A true classic. This nail shape has such a strong grasp on us, ever since Kylie Jenner was seen rocking them back in 2016 and in recent posts today. This is a gorgeous nail shape for fall that is perfect for showcasing your favorite fall polishes. A classic nude, edgy abstract design, bright tips, or a dash of glitter is guaranteed to get you in the fall mood.





Almond Nail Shape

There is something about a good almond-shaped set of nails that just looks absolutely elegant. Taking a creative twist on the look by going with multicolored french tips, fall-colored abstract squiggles, and a pop of cream and gold on a natural-colored nail elevates your look.



Square Shaped Nails

We love a natural-looking square nail shape. The best way to spice up this nail shape is to experiment with bold colors and playful detailing. Go for colorful and abstract tips, neutral-tones zebra designs for a pop, reinvent a classic red, and add a subtle pop of color.

Round Shaped Nails

This nail shape is the perfect in-between if you love the look of an almond-shaped acrylic, but want to keep the length of your natural nails. Longer nails mean you’ll have a larger canvas to work with. Branching out a bit out of your comfort zone by incorporating shades of blue, green, and copper tones will showcase a reinvented fall look. Florals, checkered print, and incorporating inverse color patterns are on the agenda this autumn.



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