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Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks Featuring Pseudo Labs Faux Freckles

The cultural reset caused by HBO’s Euphoria shook beauty trends across social media. It’s hard to miss the spike in Euphoria-inspired bold, glittery makeup moments circling your social feeds.

Even if you’ve never seen the hit show, the looks that countless influencers and beauty MUA’s recreated and popularized made the makeup seen on the show unforgettable. The various characters each hard their own spin on bold makeup looks throughout the series. From glitter to exaggerated graphic liner and jewels, each look is equally unique. We decided to shed light on these celebrated makeup moments by deciding which shade of Pseudo Labs PHreckles would have been perfect for each Euphoria character.


Nelly, @nellyjtirado, recreated this iconic Euphoria makeup look that was seen on Rue using PHreckles in Shade 03. The thick black liner and glitter tears is a look Euphoria fans will always remember.


Katrina, @whos.katrina, channels Jules by recreating this white, floral graphic liner look. She adds her own spin on this makeup moment by adding a bright turquoise shadow and Pseudo Labs PHreckles in Shade 01!


Maddy had arguably the most dramatic makeup looks many of us are still obsessing over. This iconic jeweled, rhinestone liner look takes the cake. Of course with a look this bold, adding a sweep of Shade 03 will match this Maddy-inspired energy perfectly.


Cassie’s stunning glitter look is unforgettable. Her take on Alabama Whirley from True Romance (1993) during the Euphoria Halloween episode is truly one of her most Euphoria-esque looks on the show. The bold eye and lip combo calls for the toasty warm tones of PHreckles in Shade 02 to really level up the look.


Euphoria fans swoon over Kat’s transformation in the show. Her makeup looks became more and more revolutionary as the show progressed. This neon green graphic liner is a look we’d love to recreate IRL. Adding a dusting of PHreckles in Shade 01 would make this the perfect Spring look. Which look is your favorite?

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