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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Pseudo Labs: Ft. our Favorite Freckled Mothers We Adore!

It’s the special time of the year where we are able to show our appreciation for the incredible moms in our lives. We are so grateful to celebrate all moms including stepmoms, angel moms, soon-to-be moms, dog moms, and plant moms. We want to share our appreciation for our favorite freckled moms. Pseudo Labs PHreckles is the perfect way to play with makeup and give a fun gift to the mothers in your life! Here are our favorite freckled faces who also happen to be incredible moms! 

Meet Valerie

Valerie is an amazing mother to Hendrix and Rio! She is always serving iconic golden hour looks that are impossible to forget. She does not disappoint working PHreckles in Shade 02 for that golden hour glow.

@mammafolk  on Instagram.

@mammafolk on Instagram.

Meet Peyton

Peyton Knight is known for her incredible model-off-duty looks. She easily takes on the title of coolest mom. The secret to completing her iconic looks is a light dusting of PHreckles in Shade 01.



Meet Janalynn

Janalynn is the stunning mother to little baby Kalaea, who she lovingly named Baby K! Her trademark glowing, flawless skin is perfectly freckled with PHreckles in Shade 02.

@janalynmariee  on Instagram.

@janalynmariee on Instagram.

Meet Sarah

Sarah is a beautiful mom to be in July! We are so happy for her as this is such an exciting time! Shade 01 is Sarah’s go-to to finish her natural and glowy makeup looks we love.

@withsarah  on Instagram.

@withsarah on Instagram.

Meet Brenda

Brenda’s feed is a minimalist’s dream! She is the incredible mom to beautiful Abigail. Brenda is always working the most stylish looks, using a sweep of PHreckles in Shade 02 to complete her natural glam.

@modmadre  on Instagram.

@modmadre on Instagram.

Meet Sam

Sam is the queen of dewy makeup looks! She has two twin girls, Avya and Miya, who are equally as stunning as their mom. Sam uses PHreckles in Shade 03 to finish her dreamy makeup looks.

Meet Katie

Katie @katindid has the most precious family of four kiddos. Here her daughter, Betty, creates one of @iseecaroline’s past freckled looks using Shade 02!


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