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Are Faux Freckles More Than A Trend?


There is something so infatuating about a freckled face. However, not all of us were naturally born with a sun kissed look. For years now, faux freckles have been said to be trending. But are they a trend that’s here to stay? They come and they go and they are replicated on and off every so often. They have been a beauty secret popularized in magazines and runway shows by makeup artists for over 25 years. How did the evolution of faux freckles originate?  Sure, around the warmer months you may see more of the trend spiking but the real question is, are faux freckles really just a trend? Or are they a speckled delight here to sit next to everyday products like mascaras and brow pencils in beauty routines for years to come?

Products have been offered by companies as far back as the early 19th century convincing consumers to actively remove their freckles, falsifying them as just a sign of sun damage or aging. It wasn’t until the late 20th century, that the beauty consumer took notice of the glowing idea of a sun kissed speckle, giving way to friends and coworkers that you had just returned from summering off the Amalfi Coast. 

The ‘90s really began to set the stage for faux freckle products, starting with Chanel’s “Le Crayon Rousser”, also known as the freckle pencil, in 1995. The goal was to emphasize the glow of a fresh tan; however, it was promoted as a double for lip liner or an eyebrow pencil as well, in case the trend faded. About 8 years later, Lancôme released its “Freckle Crayon” as part of the summer 2003 collection. In 2010, we start to see makeup artists taking faux freckles to the runway, a majority of them using MAC eyeliner and other pencil products. 

Faux Freckles

Elle Magazine reported on Rachel Comey’s 2010 spring runway show and noted the use of faux freckles many of the models wore. Elle stated that an eyebrow pencil was used to “dust freckles” and make for a glowy-skin look. Pat McGrath took on the Spring 2012 D&G Milan fashion show, saying the use of faux freckles stemmed from seeing photos of Talitha Getty in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh. They wanted to create a fresh, modern version of that photoshoot through the makeup. When 2013 came around, Antonio Berardi worked with Revlon’s “Brown ColorStay Eyeliner” to add freckles for the sporty, youthful look they wanted for the showcase. 

Celebs with freckles

 Today, consumers resort to DIY remedies to acquire beautiful fresh-faced freckles. Products used ranges from pencils and self-tanner to henna, makeup stamps, and jewels as freckles. As we know, not all are naturally met with melanin offering here-to-stay-freckles. Celebrities and models have even taken to the idea of a summery set of sun kissed spots. Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel embraces faux freckles using a handy eyeliner pencil, while Kelsey Merritt has a makeup routine geared towards enhancing her natural ones with a thin foundation and bronzing regimen. Most faux freckle tutorials consist of using an eyeliner pencil for a chunkier, prominent freckle. Emily Ratajkowski’s faux freckle routine aims toward keeping her skin safe from the sun, while still adding dimension to her look. So is freckle mania more than a trend? We know they are natural, beautiful, and have a uniqueness many want to recreate. The more natural looking, the better especially as the “no-makeup” look is currently in.  

The faux freckle that Pseudo Labs has created is by far the simple, it’s an easy addition to everyday looks.  The kicker is being able to enhance your natural beauty without the formula being a stain or henna so it’s easy to try them out, without the fear or fuss of messing up. I think it’s time we upgrade to a lightweight liquid formula that provides natural spots that blend, matching the freckles already on our freckled faces. Pseudo Labs makes it so simple to get wearable PHreckles every day while maintaining some incredible ethics within their hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free products. Their cosmetics are universal, unique and derived from science.

I appreciate the idea of enhancing the freckles you already have, adding a little extra dimension to a makeup look, instead of conforming to the tradition of hiding them. Pseudo Labs’ PHreckles make achieving faux freckles simple with just a three-step process consisting of shaking the bottle to allow the brush to absorb all that natural product, then using the included pick to softly pick through the bristles on the brush, flicking those added faux freckles onto your skin, and finally tapping the little spots to blend the formula into your skin.

Freckles aren’t just a compliment of the sun but also a unique trait some are lucky enough to sport even without the help of the sun. I was blessed with a freckled face, and I spent a lot of time (growing up) wishing them away and finding ways to cover them up. Now, I embrace and enhance them. Regardless of the faux freckle trend, real freckles will always be around. As long as they are around, odds are faux freckles will always be admired. 



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