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Advice For Grads: Stepping Into a New You

It’s grad season! This is such an exciting time to step into the world and into a new chapter. Though this transition is seemingly daunting, it is an incredible time to rediscover yourself and who you want to be. This is a time of lessons, growth, and self-discovery! The huge accomplishments grads have persevered through, especially during these times, is something that needs to be celebrated. For those in search of the perfect way to celebrate, we have curated some helpful advice and gift ideas the grads in your life will absolutely love. 


Experiment with your look

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look, your interests, and how you step into the world. Post-grad life seems intimidating but is an amazing opportunity to reinvent yourself. Getting to know yourself when truly on your own is priceless. Play with makeup, try a new Tik Tok trend, thrift a new outfit that is out of your comfort zone, the options are endless. 

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Embrace the Change

Challenge yourself to try new things, meet new people, and explore new places. This is such a special time in your life where you have the opportunity to explore the world around you. Go on a road trip with some friends and document the journey. Have a photoshoot with items you thrifted. Chase the sunrise up the coast. The ideas are limitless, so why not try something new?

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Document this new transition

Journal every day! Jot down everything you’re feeling. Set some goals for the next year or a checklist of things you want to see or do this summer. This is a great tool for mental wellness as well. It is an easy item to toss in a tote bag to journal on the go, or jot some thoughts down right before bed. 

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It is okay to feel nostalgic

Be proud and grateful for the amazing people, places, and things you’ve done thus far. Keep a photo album full of your favorite memories to reminisce about when you’re feeling nostalgic. It is okay to miss friends and family once you graduate and having a photo album full of memories is a great way to look back on it, while creating new ones!

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Be patient with yourself

Transitions take time! Taking time for yourself is necessary. Incorporating self-care into your routine is something to start now. This can look like reading a new book, taking a relaxing bath, meditating, or ordering your favorite take-out. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Carving time out of your day for some “you” time is a form of self-care you will thank yourself for in the long run. 

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Headspace Meditation App, via

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Get back to the basics

Try out some new hobbies! Taking a pause on Postmates and diving into learning how to make some incredible meals at home will take you far. Signing up for a meal delivery subscription is an easy way to get meals sent over if you’re on a budget or have a busy schedule. This is a great gift especially for new grads, as it is super easy and includes recipes anyone can recreate after figuring out what you love! 

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What advice do you have for grads? Let us know in the comments below!

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