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4 Simple Ways to Ditch Traditional Eyeliner and Experiment with Graphic Liners

It is time to upgrade your signature makeup look and get experimental. Lucky for you, we came up with such fun ways to play with your look and create something that’s truly your own. Starting with your eyeliner, swap traditional browns or blacks for neon and pastel liners! There are so many ways to get creative and reinvent the graphic liner trends booming all over your Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Try out these incredible looks, pairing some faux freckles to tie it all together. You might just find a new signature look you’ll be obsessing over!


Abstract Framing

Using your favorite bright colored liners, adding abstract lines that frame your eye adds the perfect pop to your look. Choose your favorite colors, in this case, blue hues. The trick is starting off with a traditional winged eyeliner using a darker hue. By creating an additional line that connects the tip of the wing to a curved line framing your crease, creates contrast when using a lighter colored liner. Next, add another curved line just above the inner corner to frame the opposite side of the crease with the same lighter color. Finishing the look off with the same liner extending a line from the inner corner will elongate the eye making the look more dramatic. This look is the perfect way to accentuate those gorgeous eyes of yours while adding some extra color. Try dusting a sweep of PHreckles in Shade 01 to perfectly compliment this look!

Exaggerated Wing

An exaggerated winged liner is a perfect way to elevate traditional eyeliners. Think of it as a more modern, evolved look. Using your favorite neon liner, place it where you would a typical winged eyeliner. In addition, highlight the inner corner and in the middle of the lower lash line. To really level up this look, add a contrasting deeper color parallel to the wing to brighten up the look! Pairing PHreckles in Shade 02 is an incredible way to make this makeup moment ready for the daytime.

Shimmery Fox-Eye

This look packs a lot of punch with minimal effort! Starting with a light, shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid will set the groundwork for this look. With a deeper toned eyeliner, create an extended wing. Add another line using the same liner from the inner corner out, which will elongate the appearance of your eye for this makeup moment. For a three-step process, you’ll get a look that is guaranteed to help you stand out this Spring. To bolden the look, try adding a dash of PHreckles in Shade 03. The cool tones will combine to create such a dreamy makeup look!

Neon Highlight

Consider this look a non-traditional way to highlight your eyes. Replace the spots you would normally place a highlight, with a contour of neon eyeliner. By choosing your favorite colored liner and placing it parallel to your eyebrow on that brow bone, this look will add an accentuated pop of color. Placing another line right on the outer corner of your bottom lash and waterline will highlight your eyes to perfection. You can even add a light shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corner to compliment your liner of choice. Finishing it off with a layer of PHreckles in Shades 02 and 03 will add some extra dimension to this fun and expressive look!




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