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3 Wedding Makeup Ideas Using Faux Freckles

After a year of being postponed due to the pandemic, there has been an incredible boom of wedding invitations this summer! From beachfront venues to rustic forest weddings and everything in between, there are so many different fun and romantic wedding looks for each destination. Taking the summer sun-kissed look to all of these various wedding venues requires a pop of freckles, perfect for the occasion. These looks elevate your makeup from naturally sun-kissed, to freckled elegance. Whether you’re attending a botanical garden wedding, rustic forest wedding, or a relaxing beach getaway, these looks are guaranteed to turn heads!


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Botanical Garden Wedding


We are all accustomed to the traditional glam that is required or at least encouraged, at weddings. This look ties in the ethereal fairy tale, garden vibes starting by adding color to your look. Botanical weddings are full of lush foliage and garden-esque imagery. Channeling this theme into your eye look is nothing short of stunning. Incorporating PHreckles in Shade 03 adds the perfect cool tones to complement this incredible makeup moment.



Rustic Forest Wedding


Nothing beats a romantic outdoor wedding, nestled in the forest surrounded by trees. Of course, your makeup look needs to reflect this aromatic energy. An edgy glossy lid, paired with a neutral lip and a smoked-out liner is the only way to do it. Leveling up this look with a sweep of faux freckles by using PHreckles in Shade 02, will bring this picture-perfect look to life.




Beach Wedding


Shoreside weddings at the beach are undeniably dreamy. Maybe it’s the misty air and melodic waves that are responsible for it? Regardless, a glowy makeup look that shines brighter than the sunset backdrop is definitely in order. The combination of glowing skin, bright highlight, and adding a bronzed contour are the main players for this look. A soft winged liner, cat-eye lashes and a heavy layer of PHreckles in Shade 01 work together to create a stunning sun-kissed glam.

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