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3 Iconic Movie Characters to Recreate This Halloween

It’s spooky season and Halloween is just around the corner. You’re busy carving pumpkins and watching Hocus Pocus on repeat, we love it! Why not channel your movie binges into Halloween costume inspiration? Costumes that nod to iconic characters like Megan Fox as Jennifer in Jennifer’s Body (2009), Lucy Liu as Alex Munday in Charlie’s Angels (2000), and Fairuza Balk as Nancy Downs (1996) in The Craft are as iconic as the actual films. We know you’ve been putting off planning your Halloween costume, so we have 3 looks you’re guaranteed to be obsessed with.

Jennifer in Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Megan Fox’s most iconic role as Jennifer in Jennifer’s Body (2009) is top on our Halloween movie watch list. Recreating this memorable look can be done with a black smoked out eyeliner, flared lashes and faux freckles. Here’s what you need in your beauty toolkit this Halloween:

Watch @oatmilkmakeup’s tutorial below!



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Alex Munday in Charlie’s Angels (2000)


@mercedestrankwong looks absolutely stunning recreating this memorable Lucy Liu look from Charlie’s Angels (2000). A rosy shadow, faux freckles and bold lashes will get you there! Here are our beauty product recommendations:

Watch @mercedestrankwong recreate Lucy Liu’s memorable makeup in Charlie’s Angels below!



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Nancy Downs from The Craft (1996)


Who can forget about Nancy Downs from The Craft (1996)? The edgiest teen witch we love is definitely on the roster for best Halloween costume this year. A thinned out brow, a deep maroon lip, and a smoked out liner work together to bring this look to life. Here are the products you need for this look:

See @sadie.deem turn into Nancy Downs below!



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