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2021 Makeup Trend Forecast

New year, new makeup looks to try. Which one is on your agenda?

Above the mask makeup is here to stay and bolder than ever. Honestly, it’s safe to say we are here for it. Many MUA’s and makeup fanatics are exploring new ways to express themselves above the mask and it seems like the creativity and attention to detail are constantly evolving and leveling up. Makeup creatives are booming creatively while quarantined, using this extra time spent indoors trying out new looks. For those who’ve been curious about experimenting with your look this new year, or looking for some new inspo to find that creative spark, we’ve curated the perfect 2021 trend predictions.

Twiggy-inspired looks

Yes, the ‘60s cultural icon, Twiggy, is making a comeback in the form of these makeup looks. Thick liners, bold and drawn on lashes just about sums it up. Although Twiggy’s famous makeup looks will always be timeless, there’s something about mod makeup we can’t help but fall in love with.

Bright Shadows

It seems that the brighter and bolder is better in this day and age. No matter the decade, there’s something about colorful eyes that always filters its way into the trends. From cut creases to layered looks, adding a pop of color is guaranteed to help set you apart from the crowd, even with a mask on.

Bleached Brows

Name a better way to compliment a bold eye look? Bleached brows are the answer. This out of the box look enhances any makeup moment by showcasing your creativity. Not to mention the fierce edginess it adds, you really can’t go wrong.

Neutral 90’s Lip Liner

The ‘90s never really left. Thin, darkly lined lips filled with neutral shades are the new “it” look. Pair your favorite liner with bright blush and freckles, and you’re set for the perfect pouty moment.

Faux Freckles

Our personal favorite trend is, of course, faux freckles. They are fun, flirty, and absolutely timeless. It’s the easiest way to add warmth and dress up your look in no time at all. Freckles really add a little extra spice.

Creative Graphic Liner

Flames, chains, or anything else you can think of is not off-limits when it comes to eyeliner. Graphic liners truly allow for using your face as a beautiful canvas, evolving from a traditional wing. The more free-flowing designs and shapes, the better. Time to let that creativity flow.

Metallics as the New Neutrals

Who would have guessed metallics would be considered a neutral, but 2021 is going to make it happen. Metallic gold, silver, green, and browns are being showcased this year. The foil-plastered eye looks and added shimmer bring an elevated chic element to this year’s up and coming trends.

Euphoria IRL

Euphoria-inspired eye looks have never stopped since the show aired in 2019 and we don’t see them stopping this year. Over the top glitter, neons, and cut never cease to amaze us. If anything, it gives us an excuse to paint and bedazzle our faces.

Glossy Eyes

Remember the dewy look was all the rage? We have evolved into the gloss. Adding glossy lids or glossy highlight and lips requires minimal effort for a high impact look. There’s something so dreamy about this look!

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