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2020 Year in Review

2020 year in review. Yes, good things did happen, even though it may seem hard to believe.

This year has quite literally felt like an alternate reality, to say the least. We have really seen the worst and lived to tell the tale. 2020 is coming to an end (thankfully) and we’ve managed to survive wildfires, political chaos, quarantining, canceled plans, all while navigating a global pandemic. With a snowball of unfortunate events hitting us at every angle, it is safe to say that this year has been incredibly difficult for everyone. This craziness sometimes makes it hard to appreciate all of the good that also may have resulted from such disarray. Although 2020 has felt like a joke of a “Black Mirror” episode, there have been some pretty incredible wins we might have missed in the chaos of it all. 

  1. Vaccines for COVID-19 have arrived! Who’s ready for it? It’s nice to finally see a light at the end of this tunnel. 

  2. We notice and appreciate all of the selflessness and hard work that nurses, doctors, other healthcare professionals, truck drivers, grocery workers, farmers, teachers and so many others that risk their lives for the safety of others every day. We’re so grateful for the real heroes out there.

  3. Social connectedness is something that we shouldn’t take for granted and have evolved to do virtually and within our own households. Zoom and Facetime calls are the new normal and made us realize that working from home isn’t so bad. However, those social interactions are something many of us are missing right about now. 

  4. Pet adoptions and fosters have spiked since the pandemic. Amazingly, being home more is saving the lives of many animals with this heightened pet adoptions. Being at home is insanely better with a furry friend by your side.

  5. Drive-ins made a comeback! They aren’t limited to just movies either. Outdoor concerts and comedy shows have used drive-ins during these crazy covid times. This is a great way to safely see a movie and get out of the house for a change. It’s refreshing to see such a cute date night activity resurface.

  6. There was an incredible voter turnout for this year’s presidential election. More than 156 million voters took to the polls in 2020. We love to see it!

  7. America elected the first female vice, Black, and  Asian American vice president: Sen. Kamala Harris of California.

  8. The Supreme Court ruled that workers can’t be fired for being gay or transgender. 

  9. NASA named its D.C. headquarters building after Mary W. Jackson, who was their first African American female engineer. 

  10. Pollution is down 50% compared to this time last year. This means carbon dioxide emissions have declined and so has the cost of renewable energy sources.

  11. We dove into new hobbies. Practicing makeup, yoga, sewing, home improvement tasks, and even diving into new books; makes the time indoors more worthwhile.

We all know what a dumpster fire 2020 was, but it will definitely be the year no one forgets. With all the downs there were ups even though it was hard to see them in all of the chaos. As we enter a new year, let’s take into account the silver linings. What are some positive things that came out of your 2020? Comment below!

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