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Cilium Eyelash Applicator

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Our no hassle eyelash applicator helps precisely positions false lashes with ease.

30 * 5 mm. The curved angle on the applicator makes it easier for the false lashes to be positioned at the last line to create flawless application. 

Apply glue to the false lash while holding with Pseudo Labs Eyelash Applicator. Using the no hassle eyelash applicator, place the false lash on top of the natural lash line as close as possible. Use the curved side of the applicator to secure and blend the false lash to the natural lash.



Recommended with Pseudo Labs Polymer Liners. Measure lashes to length of eye line. Cut where needed. Apply glue to eye line or lashes. Remove lashes carefully with tweezers. Apply from outer lash toward inner lash. Press invisible band into eyeliner until bonded. 


The Cilium Lash Collection consists of the highest quality of synthetically blended lashes that have been handcrafted to perfection. Cilium BDL Lashes contains 1 pair of faux mink lashes. Reusable with proper care.

    Cilium Eyelash Applicator - PSEUDO LABS